Questions about Kink: Egypt

Fetlife is one of many kink websites on the internet and has gained the reputation of being one of the more community focused BDSM websites on the internet.

It may be interesting to learn if other kink websites are censored in Egypt– holaunblocker, an extension intended to help circumvent internet blocks (and something I used to access my netflix account while abroad–shhhh) claims that the website “collarme”, a popular personal ad and BDSM community website is blocked in Egypt. Does this affect membership? How reliable is the number from fetlife? These kink websites are also entirely in English, how might language barriers prevent accessibility to information about safe, sane and consensual BDSM practices for those interested? Is there an equivalent term in Arabic?  How do societal gender and sexual identity norms affect the way Egyptians view BDSM culture?

Recently I spoke with several of my American friends who indicated an interest in BDSM and the BDSM community– many of them were unaware of local resources or of websites like fetlife which helps promote BDSM & Kink relationships. In a previous post, I talked briefly about the documentary ‘Libido’ which asserted that many adolescents, without proper education, turn to the internet. How many of that population are able to access good educational materials on BDSM in Arabic?

It would be interesting to interview Egyptians on their thoughts on this.




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