Criticism of Last Post

I do need to do better in coming “full circle” so to speak. I don’t think I did a very good job of conveying the concept that a word that can be used so irreverently does not allow for talk about it’s origin myth. A word that is used to anger governments, that is spray painted on walls contains a more powerful meaning. 

It would have been interesting to connect it better with the graffiti art and the era of defiance that seems to surround it in that context. AT the same time, the word is very versatile: someone uses it when they stub their toe, or when they’re surprised, etc. so the urbandictionary translation may be limiting. 

It also could very much change from city to city. I remember my professor mentioning  the differences in slang between cities, so it is possible that A7a is more local than I realize.

Finally, I wonder if they would like some comparison between U.S. culture, sexuality and swear words to the last post. Too many time I feel there is a juxtaposition when we could also highlight similarities in the disconnect between words used in a sexual context or otherwise– some swear words can be used in both context and there is an unspoken acceptance of the division between the two. 


One response to “Criticism of Last Post”

  1. Jess says :

    Not talking about the origin of the word does make the word more tabu. Interesting to note that in the news in America, reporters, radio announcers and tv announcers can be fined for swearing Some where along the line the issue of control and ignorance comes to mind.

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